Ciao! I'm Ashley Dentino, the creator of Vixi — a lifestyle design company for creative entrepreneurs & spirits.


My goal with Vixi is to help you bring your purpose to life — to help you draw out what already exists within.

I focus on creating dynamic and healing spaces for the lifestyle you need to thrive. 

Instead of waiting around for your calling to find you or waiting until the stars align to share your stuff with the world, I believe in taking consistent, focused action in your personal life and in your personal space to get results.

The magic, the growth and the unfolding of your purpose happens by taking action.

The impact you have when you're living a creative life on-purpose — it changes everything.

Through my blog posts, workshops & online courses I show you how to utilize the strong link between personal growth & personal space. Maybe one of my offerings will feel like the right fit for you. 

Learning to live in a way that heightens your vibration isn’t always easy — and there’s more in the mix than simply changing what you put in your mouth or what objects are in a room. It’s a belief shift, a lifestyle realignment, and a complete recalibration of your self-care commitment.

But it’s worth it. Beyond worth it. Because when when we clear away all the chatter + clutter, you realize something incredible:

Using your unique gifts to serve others is your only true responsibility in this lifetime.

The more you awaken to your own true self, the more you serve others, inspiring them to tap into their source of purpose.

And I think we could all use a few more people like that in the world today.

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Nurture your mind, body, spirituality and environment.

I believe you must nurture your whole self in order to truly thrive in today's world. This includes your mind, body, spirituality and environment.

I also believe that harmonizing with the underlying principles of nature is THE greatest beautifying and life-enhancing tool on the planet. Mother Nature knows best!

Coming from an eating disordered past I know what it’s like to struggle with your relationship to food and body image. I love sharing what I've learned on my journey to better health.

It's because I wholeheartedly care about you and I'm commited to not only getting you results, but also to creating a more healthy global community.


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I’m super easy to reach and I'd love to hear from you. And I don’t bite. Unless you’re a piece of really good and semi-healthy cheesecake ;)

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