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05 Sep

"I'd be honored to support you in what you're struggling with and it means so much that you're opening up. I definitely don't think any less of you and I'm not judging you for what you're going through. I know it's a...

02 May
Here's a guy who's a vegan, yogi, minimalist, touring musician and ninja web designer.

He finds nut jokes hilarious and he and his wife have an adopted pet llama named Starman, who lives on a rescue sanctuary in Washington.

He's an...
30 Apr

Do you ever feel like you have a poor relationship with food?

You may not have a full blown eating disorder, but maybe you consistently over eat, under eat, eat emotionally, judge yourself for what you put in your body, obsess over calories or look at food as the...

18 Apr
Many of you have a burning desire to achieve a deeper level of health the ayurvedic way. You want to feel more in tune with nature and be able to call on herbs and specific foods to nurture aches, pains and emotions - not pills and prescriptions.

But it can be...
10 Apr
Today I'd like to introduce you to Laura Wright.

Laura has a lovely blog called The First Mess where she regularly posts about cooking with natural foods and eating seasonally.

I'd say she's kind of a big deal because her work has been...